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DIY  Potion and Spell Book Tutorial from Better After. This is a really good tutorial using plastic toys, glue gun, cardstock and paper towels. This FIY is based on a tutorial by SEEING THINGS - my favorite Halloween Blog that had great printables and tutorials and is now DEAD & GONE. This is why if I see a printable I like, I don’t wait unitl later to download it.

~This would also be a nice tutorial for an actual spell book instead of just a decoration. 


Austin Pagan Pride Day



was really awesome!! The public ritual was a lot of fun! It was basically a big game of Tag!

hereintheshadowsofstarlight I think I saw you at some point!  It was an AWESOME DAY!  Glad you were able to come out and share in our big day.  Several people put in a lot of hard work to make sure that the day went off without a hitch.  

Yes, we did see each other there! I believe we’re also friends on FB! 


Another knock-out blow to SlaveWorld!
Branden James Paul Loetz, an animal trainer at SeaWorld quits the park!
Brandon shares:
“After 11 years working for SeaWorld as an animal trainer the last few days have been my absolute breaking point. I can no longer stand behind or support this company so I submitted my immediate resignation.”

—- Bravo Branden,
You are a brave man. Your move is a huge step towards the liberation of gentle giants. The orcas will be freed and you are to be thanked for hearing their plight. You are a liberator. You have broken the chains of bondage. Gratitudes from all earthlings.

*Picture credit: Captive Cetacean
(Copied from Facebook)

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